Available courses

Physical Education 6
Opportunities to serve surround us. From making no-sew blankets for toddlers to writing letters to the elderly, projects are just waiting for your assistance & support.
Elective - 8th Grade Play
This elective will be for students who need extra help with grammar, writing or reading work.
Enterprise City
Reading to and with Kinders and first graders.
Students will explore the world through the Internet, books, and music. what are the customs, values, traditions of people in other cultures of the world? we will travel the world exploring just these questions and more. we will look at their music, dances, traditions, and more. Try this one out and tour the world.
Elective - PeaceKeepers

Elective is the school video team that produces announcements for the morning broadcast. Members of team are trained to operate the video and still cameras, to use editing software, and to develop their ideas into news stories.